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50% capacity restriction must be ensured in the reading, service, or internet use facilities inside the library and in other public areas, and the 2 + 2 rule must also be observed within this restriction.

  • Obligation to wear a mask or cover nose and mouth in public indoor spaces (reading rooms of libraries, internet access points, places of service provision, conferences, informal education, and hobby activities, continuous activities, refresher training, public events and classes). Exceptions are made for children under 12; for people who cannot wear a mask due to health reasons, (such as breathing difficulties, certain mental health issues, or allergies), people with special needs, such as developmental disorders who are not able to wear a mask according to the rules, or are not capable of placing or removing the mask themselves; a person accompanying a hearing impaired person, or a person communicating with a person who needs to read lips or expressions, or needs to hear clear speech in order to communicate; if wearing a mask hinders lip-reading).

  • To ensure 50% capacity restriction, 50% of the floor area of the room for public use must first be calculated. To ensure compliance with the 2 + 2 rule, 50% must be divided by four so that each visitor has 4 m2; the restriction does not apply to families together, children attending the same kindergarten group every day and people with special needs, or if the conditions cannot be reasonably assured.

A sign must be placed on the door of each library room stating how many visitors can be in the room at the same time.

  • In order to avoid over-crowding, a pre-registration system should be put in place, if necessary.

  • Entertainment activities are prohibited on internet access computers. It is permitted to access the State Gazette, visit local government and state websites, pay bills, use the mailbox and perform other activities important for daily life.

  • Shared items (such as a computer for internet access) must be disinfected after each use. The library must ensure the availability of disinfectants and compliance with disinfection requirements in accordance with the instructions of the Health Board.

  • If the visitor needs help using the internet access computer or other services indoors, the 2 + 2 rule must be followed or the period of close contact must be minimised.

Restrictions on libraries in Ida-Viru County and Harju County (incl. Tallinn) until January 31, 2021 (incl.):

  • The provision of indoor and outdoor entertainment services is prohibited. Restrictions do not apply to online events, contactless events and services:

  • It is prohibited to hold public events (public meetings, public events, including conferences, theatre pays, concerts and movies with stationary seating and without stationary seating) in libraries. Also cinemas, theatres, concert venues, museums and exhibition facilities and catering places within library buildings are closed (take-away of food is allowed).

  • Sports clubs operating in library premises are also closed. Restrictions apply both indoors and outdoors. Clients may not be present in the place of provision of listed services. The restriction shall not apply to employees and persons required to operate the place of service.

  • The exhibition facilities of the library may be open to visitors from January 18, if the 50% limit on the capacity of the venue requirement is observed, 2+2 rule is followed, and the obligation to mask and the use of disinfectants are observed.

  • Informal education, hobby activities, youth work, continuous education and further training activities are not allowed to be carried out indoors. The on-site use of all items related to these activities is also prohibited (eg video and board games, gaming tables). An option to borrow these items for home use should be provided if possible.

  • Restrictions do not apply to online events, and contactless events and services: informal education, hobby activities, youth work, continuous education and further training (including individual training) can be carried out online.

  • Library visitors should be encouraged to use contactless and online services.

  • Libraries will not be closed, but it is recommended that restrictions on public events applicable in Ida-Viru County and Harju County will be applied in all the counties across Estonia.

  • The establishment may impose requirements more stringent than those listed below if this helps to prevent the spread of the virus.

**More information on how libraries should organise their work can be found from the website of the Ministry of Culture

Last updated: 08.02.2021 12:25

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