Unused tickets and compensation

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The Ministry of Culture had a crisis package of 25 million euros for supporting the continuation of cultural and sporting institutions and allowing events to take place. This crisis package has now been used in full. Budgetary constraints meant that a conservative approach was taken at first, and so some money is left in some areas. This money, which is about 2.5 million euros, will not be lost from the culture and sport. The Ministry of Culture will soon be announcing additional funding rounds.

The additional funding rounds are intended to support creators of traditional national handicrafts, houses of culture, organisers of large musical events, and filmmakers. More detailed conditions for the new rounds are being decided on and they will be announced to applicants in good time.

Last updated: 14.09.2020 10:46

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According to the Ministry of Culture, the rights of the ticket holders, and the obligations of the organisers of the cancelled cultural event due to COVID-19 virus, must be assessed on a case-by-case basis. It is necessary to evaluate the content of the agreement concluded between the parties and the possibility of amending the agreement in order to find a mutually appropriate solution. Agencies and organisations organising events may offer, for example, gift cards or an event to take place at an alternative time, but if the ticket holder does not agree with the offer, they reserve the right to withdraw from the agreement and to get a refund for the tickets.

Due to the high number of cancelled events, please be patient during this process.

Last updated: 27.04.2020 19:43

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More information about the coronavirus and restrictions related to it is available calling 1247 (from abroad +372 600 1247).