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Care about the safety and health of yourself and others. Before volunteering, make sure you are healthy and capable of protecting yourself and others from the virus. Do not put yourself at risk by helping others and do not spread the viruse yourself. If you belong to a risk group – you are older than 60, or have some chronic illness – it is makes sense to stay at home and not put yourself in unnecessary danger. If you belong to a risk group, you can help people with offering support over the telephone, for example. Follow the instructions of the Estonian Health Board. https://www.terviseamet.ee/et/uuskoroonaviirus

In the case of calls for voluntary action, it is necessary to maintain calm and make sure that the purpose inspires confidence, the intermediary and the person issuing the call are reliable, in order to prevent rapid spread of the virus and to protect yourself from fraud.

If you are healthy and you want to contribute as a volunteer and help people in need, start close to your home - your residential building, street, village, community, society. It is important to ensure that no one is ignored or, vice versa, puts himself at risk by helping someone or receiving help from someone else. Physical contacts should be avoided when providing assistance to minimise and prevent further spread of the virus and not to cause greater harm.

Follow official calls and use reliable channels for volunteering.

• If you want to provide assistance to organisations on a voluntary basis, or you need support for volunteering, the Ministry of the Interior recommends to use the Vabatahtlike Värav (Volunteer Portal) at https://www.vabatahtlikud.ee . This site also contains summary guidelines for volunteers and NGOs regarding how to act in the current situation. The portal is managed by the Estonian Village Movement, Kodukant.

• The need for assistance or offering assistance from a person to a person or community to a community can also be recorded at https://www.kogukondaitab.ee , this is a platform connecting people who need help and volunteers. This is a solution developed at the hackathon Hack the Crisis.

• If you are an entrepreneur or a specialist with a specific skills, and you want to provide assistance to the State in the crisis situation, use the portal https://www.eesti.ee/pakunabi . This is a portal established in cooperation with the Ministryof Economic Affairs and Communications and the Agency of the Estonian Information System Authority, which collects data from companies wishing to provide assistance to the State in a crisis.

All these platforms will merge in the near future as the Ministry of Interior has funded a website: https://www.vabatahtlikud.ee.

Last updated: 03.04.2020 13:31

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More information about the coronavirus and restrictions related to it is available calling 1247 (from abroad +372 600 1247).