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The student may take the examination during an additional examination time slot. Exceptionally, each state examination has two additional examination time slots this year. This means that a student has three different opportunities to take the examination. If the examinee wishes to participate in the additional examination time slot of a state examination, they have to make sure to submit an application to the Education and Youth Board within three working days of the main examination taking place.

The times of state examinations and additional examination time slots:

English level B1/B2 (written)

  • June 21 - additional examination

English level B1/B2 (oral)

  • June 21 to 22 - additional examination

Mathematics (written)

  • June 18 - additional examination

Last updated: 21.06.2021 15:44

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In the academic year 2020/21, passing state examinations, internationally recognized examinations that substitute them, an upper secondary school examination, and a student research paper or practical work are not preconditions for graduating from upper secondary school.

The school staff council has the right to assess whether passing a student research paper or practical work is possible due to the emergency situation. If the school has decided that it is not possible, a student will be able to graduate from upper secondary school without passing a student research paper or practical work and the results report will say "passing was not possible";

If the school staff council did not take the abovementioned decision but the student did not pass a student research paper, practical work or a school examination, the graduation certificate will say "did not pass". Regardless, it will still be possible to graduate.

Last updated: 19.04.2021 09:53

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