Restrictions in education, youth work, hobby and sports activities

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The following rules apply to sports, training, youth work, hobby activities, informal education, and refresher training:


The organisers have to ensure dispersion indoors and at activities taking place in open air, availability of disinfectants and following of the disinfecting requirements in accordance with the instructions of the Health Board.

Protective mask

Wearing a protective mask is obligatory while engaging in informal education, hobby activities, refresher training etc in public indoor spaces, except in activities where it is not possible, (e.g. in doing direct sports, when coming in contact with water, in the sauna and by the poolside). A preference is given to a medical mask or a mask equated to that (e.g. an FFP1-3 mask or a N95 respirator) which effectively stops the delta strain of the coronavirus from spreading. A scarf, a tube scarf, a collar, a visor or any other object that is not clearly meant to be worn as a protective mask do not count as a mask. Wearing a mask is not obligatory for children under the age of 12. If a person cannot wear a mask for health reasons, he must present a medical certificate regarding the contraindication.

Requirements for the employees

It is obligatory to behave in accordance with the risk analysis of the employer. In employment relationships, the basis for going to work, the requirements regarding the use of personal protective equipment and other control measures of the spread of the virus (including the presenting of COVID certificates, testing, mask wearing etc.) is the working environment risk analysis conducted by the specific employer.

Last updated: 15.03.2022 21:08

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Dispersion is not the 2+2 rule but a guidance to keep a safe distance with each other at in a public indoor space or at an activity taking place outdoors. A public indoor space is a room that can be entered by anyone (this also includes public transport).

Close contacts between people who are not usually together increase the probability of the virus spreading.

Last updated: 07.06.2022 12:45

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More information about the coronavirus and restrictions related to it is available calling 1247 (from abroad +372 600 1247).