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The final examinations of basic school and the state examinations of upper secondary school will take place as scheduled. Many interest groups, including the association of Estonian schools principals, the Estonian Association of Teachers, the Estonian Educational Personnel Union, the association of Estonian school psychologists, the association of teachers of Estonian language, the Estonian National Youth Council, the Estonian Association of Student Governments, the Federation of Estonian Student Unions, the Estonian Chamber of Disabled People, and the youth organisations of the Defence League, have expressed the opinion that this year it would make sense to uncouple the results of the final examinations of basic school from graduation.

Usually the results of the final examinations of basic schools are converted into numeric grades and it is possible to graduate from basic school if a student has received at least a passing grade ("acceptable") on three examinations (Estonian language or Estonian as a second languge, mathematics and an elective examination). According to the plan for this year, the point scores of the exams will not be coverted into grades. In that case, the point scores of the exams will be entered on the report card but the graduation does not depend on the results. If a student passes the (B-1 level) exam for Estonian as a second language with at least 60%, they will also get a certificate for language skill level.

Still, both the grades on the report card and the exam results are important for further studies -- even if the point score received is not a condition for graduating, many upper secondary schools and vocational schools take those into account in addition to grades when evaluating candidates.

In order to extraordinarily change the conditions for graduating basic school, the corresponding regulation needs to be amended, and the Ministry of Education and Research is already dealing with this.

The state examinations of upper secondary school are taking place as usual. A student has passed the exam and is able to graduate from upper secondary school if they receive at least one point for the exam, which is the minimum positive result.

For the 2020/2021 academic year, completing a student research or a practical assignment is not a precondition for graduating from school. The school staff council has the right to evaluate whether carrying out student research or practical work is possible due to the emergency situation. If the school has decided that it is not possible, the graduating student can graduate from upper secondary school without completing the student research or practical assignment.

Last updated: 12.02.2021 11:10

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