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The organisation of work at youth institutions including public youth centres, hobby schools, hobby groups, youth camps and youth work camps is decided by the management of the institution, who reports to the local authorities in the municipality or town as the organiser of youth activities.

It is important to ensure that youth work services can continue and to support those providing them so that they can then provide support to the young people who need it most of all. The efforts of youth work institutions to prevent the spread of the virus follow the same principles as those of educational institutions and full closure of the institution will only be a last resort.

Those providing hobby activities and education must work with their managers to find ways of minimising the risks of the spread of the coronavirus. It is particularly important to observe all hygiene requirements, not to participate in activities when ill, and to reduce close contact. This means dispersing activities where possible and for example avoiding different groups coming into contact with one another.

If necessary work should be reorganised by buildings, institutions or regions, in response to local circumstances. If it is decided to close the rooms where youth work institutions operate, it is important that their activities can continue using smart youth work alternatives.

Support for activities is given by the Education and Youth Authority and strategic partners of the Ministry of Education and Research.

More detailed information about the organisation of educational work is available from informal education institutions and hobby schools.

As of 18 August 2020 the requirement not to exceed 50% of the capacity of internal rooms and the restrictions on the number of participants in hobby groups and informal education no longer apply. The requirements placed by the government have been replaced by the recommendations issued jointly by the Ministry of Education and Research and the Health Board, which can be found at

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If possible, young people of different groups should be housed in separate buildings or rooms.

The usual requirements for food handling need to be followed for catering.

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More information about the coronavirus and restrictions related to it is available calling 1247 (from abroad +372 600 1247).