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With the easing of restrictions, the Government Committee is allowing the driving schools to continue the instruction for drivers of power-driven vehicles, drivers of motor vehicles and drivers of ADR-vehicles from May 5.

In organizing the driving lesson it must be monitored that:

  • neither the instructor nor the student are symptomatic;
  • there are hand disinfectants in the car;
  • the instructor and the student have to wash or disinfect their hands before the drive starts and after the drive has finished;
  • the instructor cleans the steering wheel, gear shift, hand break and other surfaces after every driving lesson;
  • the student and instructor wear a protective mask if they so wish.

As the driving lessons of the driving schools continue, the Road Administration decided to also continue with receiving state driving exams from May 7. The supervision over the restrictions imposed on driving instruction is performed by the Police and Border Guard Board.

Last updated: 09.05.2020 11:35

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The service offices of Tallinn, Saue, Jõhvi, Pärnu, Tartu and Viljandi are open. Service is provided only if you have made an appointment. Checks are made at the entrance whether you have an appointment. No on-site bookings are available.

Contactless or minimum contact services are preferred – these are provided by all the offices. We have developed these services for the emergency situation in in order to avoid the risk of infection.

If, however, it is not possible to provide the service you need over internet, book an appointment with the Road Administration.

Exams taking place right now are:

  • Category A driving tests (registration by the driving school, as of May, also with e-service).
  • Driving theory tests (registration with e-service).

The measures introduced are constantly reviewed by the Road Administration and we will provide information about further activities. We recommend that you follow the updated information at the Road Administration website.

Last updated: 29.04.2020 19:52

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Although our service centres have been closed, our online services and information hotlines continue to operate as normal. As such, we would ask you to go online for anything you need from us, having any paperwork mailed to your home address and number plates delivered to a parcel terminal. If for some reason the documents were still set for delivery to a service centre of the Road Administration, they will be sent to the applicants by post. To receive them, please send an e-mail request to, providing the preferred address for document delivery. The only exception is digital recorder (tachograph) cards, which will be forwarded to those who have ordered them, with precise handover arrangements made in each individual instance.

Last updated: 28.04.2020 14:43

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Technical testing centres are open. Many of them have introduced safety measures and restrictions in communicating with clients. Please be understanding of this.

Last updated: 01.04.2020 16:10

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It is possible to register vehicles. The necessary operations are carried out through the e-service of the Road Administration or through other electronic means and the documents and licence plates will generally be issued without direct contact with the customer and by appointment with the service office of the Road Administration.

Instructions on how to do this can be found here.

Last updated: 06.04.2020 21:52

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Currently it is not possible to replace number plates at the service centres. The Road Administration extended by three months the deadline of all held number plates that are set to expire within the next three months. For instance, if the deadline would have expired on March 27, 2020, it was automatically extended to June 27, 2020.

Last updated: 04.04.2020 13:33

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In the current situation, a Public Road Administration specialist can be called for an inspection as follows:

  • copies of the documents of a tractor, a mobile machinery, or the trailers of these machines (hereinafter referred to as the machines) can be forwarded in an electronic form, including the application requesting the inspection and the certificate of the state levy having been paid. The application can be found under: Application for an inspection.
  • the application must be sent by e-mail, indicating on the subject line the closest office (e.g. Tartu) including the reference to Application for an inspection.
  • the Public Road Administration service bureaus will inform the client of the time when the service will be provided.
  • When the inspector arrives, please remember:
  • the machine must be in the courtyard in an accessible place.
  • the machine´s manufacturers identification mark (on the body or the frame) must be cleaned in advance and be legible.
  • the doors of the machine must be opened for airing 1 hour before the inspector arrives.
  • original documents must be placed inside the machine in the place accessible to the inspector.
  • there must be no persons near the inspector and the machine. The distance of at least 5 metres must be maintained.
  • if necessary, you will be contacted by phone.

The time of receipt of the machinery registration certificate and registration tags can be agreed with the inspector.

Last updated: 12.05.2020 23:10

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The operators of bicycle and scooter rentals are subject to the same conditions as other economic operators. They must regularly disinfect their fleet in order to prevent contamination. Likewise, the renter of a bike/scooter should take care and wash hands after using the transport. In Vilnius, the municipal authorities asked if Bolt (an e-scooter operator) could start with rental sooner, as public transport usage had decreased.

Last updated: 02.04.2020 17:44

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As for any other place, the same principles apply when travelling by car. No more than 2 persons together, and sufficient distance has to be maintained. Exemptions apply to families travelling together.

Last updated: 06.04.2020 18:07

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According to the current regulation, completion of the final stage training is definitely necessary in order to exchange your provisional driving licence for a permanent one. The provisional driving licence which expires during the emergency situation or 30 days after the end of the emergency situation will remain valid for the duration of the emergency situation and for 90 days after the end of the emergency situation.

Last updated: 09.05.2020 09:27

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More information about the coronavirus and restrictions related to it is available calling 1247 (from abroad +372 600 1247).