Travelling abroad from Estonia

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As of March 18, at 00:00, the Russian borders were closed to citizens of other states and to stateless persons. The border may be crossed only by the following persons, if they show no symptoms of the disease:

  • Employees of diplomatic and consular representations, who reside in Russia, and their family members;
  • truck drivers, involved in international freight transportation;
  • crew members of airlines and shipping companies;
  • railroad crew members involved in international railway transport;
  • members of official delegations;
  • persons holding diplomatic or service visas, or persons with a regular visa due to the event of death of a close relative;
  • persons, who permanently reside in the Russian Federation;

Restrictions in force as of March 30:

  • foreign nationals (including Estonian citizens and residents) can leave Russia;
  • Russian citizens residing in Estonia are allowed to return to Russia, but they can only come back to Estonia after Russia has lifted their restrictions.
  • Russian citizens and Russian residents whose permanent place of residence is in Russia, are allowed to return to their place of residence.
  • no new changes were implemented regarding international freight transport.

For additional information about crossing the Russian border, please contact the information hotlines of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: +7(495) 587 88 60, +7(499) 244 19 77, +7 (499) 244 19 88, +7(499) 244 28 47.

Last updated: 30.04.2020 14:14

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It is not advised to travel abroad right now but it is not forbidden. Definitely weigh the necessity of the trip. Travelling for tourism is not sensible.

If the trip is urgent, consider the following.

  • Before going abroad get to know the conditions for entering the country of destination: find out whether you will be allowed into the country. If in doubt, contact the Border Guard of the destination country.
  • If you have to go through any other countries to reach your destination, find out the transit rules of those countries as well.
  • It is not possible to use the special flights that are bringing Estonian residents home for travelling abroad.
  • Take into account that in order to limit the spread of the corona virus, the states can unexpectedly restrict the conditions for entering their country and moving around there. You can get stuck in quarantine abroad and getting home could be very complicated, sometimes impossible.

Last updated: 14.04.2020 11:06

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We strongly advise you against going abroad. If travelling abroad is absolutely essential, please note that when travelling abroad by bus, you have to be in the same enclosed space with strangers for several hours, which means that there are favourable conditions for the spread of droplet infection through the air. When a person returns to the country, then as of March 17, all the people entereing Estonia will need to remain in self-isolation at home.

We encourage those travellers who wish to leave or have to do so to return quickly. At a later stage, this may no longer be possible as the situation is changing rapidly. If you are confident that you will be able to deal with the crisis abroad, follow the instructions of the local authorities. Be sure to check the validity of your visa or other basis for stay.

If the host country has closed its borders and/or international transportation is not working, please contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at (include your personal details and the description of the problem) or the Estonian Embassy so that we can give you further guidelines.

Last updated: 28.04.2020 22:15

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Maritime traffic continues partially, but you should always check with the shipping line if this specific route is operational.

Last updated: 30.06.2020 08:55

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No, the Russian Government does not provide for such a distinction.

Last updated: 08.05.2020 23:11

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Firstly, consider that travelling in not recommended right now. Many countries have set restrictions to crossing their border due to the spread of the coronavirus. Therefore, before going on a trip with a pet, find out what conditions currently apply in the country of destination and the transit country or countries.

Information on travel restrictions from the web page of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

More information on travelling with a pet from the web page of the Veterinary and Food Board.

Last updated: 30.04.2020 15:24

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More information about the coronavirus and restrictions related to it is available calling 1247 (from abroad +372 600 1247).