Travelling to Estonia - Estonian citizens and residents

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We recommend going to the airport early and being one of the first to check into the flight.

Last updated: 12.06.2020 11:41

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If you are in the US under the visa free program (ESTA), you need to understand that you cannot overstay your initial 90 days in the US. Thus we recommend returning to Europe at first chance. Under extraordinary circumstances (e.g. you are in a hospital or your flight has been cancelled because of weather conditions) you have the possibility to submit an application to the US authorities (US Citizenship and Immigration Services) for them to consider giving you a special permit to extend your date of departure by 30 days (grant of satisfactory departure). You can find the contacts of the nearest Citizenship and Immigration Services office from: []

If you are in the US with a visa, you have to fill out forms I-539 and I-912 (both can be found at [] with explanations as to why you could not leave in time. If the date of validity of your visa is about to expire in the coming days, you should contact the US Citizenship and Immigration Services []

Last updated: 06.05.2020 12:26

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Estonian citizens and residents of Estonia with a residence permit or right of residence, including holders of grey passports will be allowed to enter Estonia.

Last updated: 30.06.2020 08:55

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They do not have to remain in isolation in either country, but they should keep their contacts with other people to a minimum.

Before travelling to Finland, read the rules for return.

Last updated: 31.05.2020 12:57

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The decision of the Russian Government concerns all border crossing points for vehicles, railways and pedestrians, including crossing Narva-Ivangorod border crossing point on foot. Derogations have been established for Russian citizens, and members of their family returning to Russia, but the derogation applies only to entry, not exit. If you are a Russian citizen, and you reside in Estonia with a residence permit, then you can enter Russia but please take into account, that based on the information received from the Russian Border Authority, Russian citizens will not be allowed to leave Russia.

Estonian and EU citizens and stateless persons (with Alien´s passport) are still allowed to leave Russia. However, the situation may change very quickly, and our recommendation is to return to Estonia as soon as possible. Border crossing is allowed for carriage of goods and for attending a funeral of a close relative.

Last updated: 30.04.2020 14:00

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If you are sure that you can cope well and stay safe in a foreign country during the crisis, you do not have to return. You will need to consider the following aspects when making your decision:

  • You might have to stay for quite a long time at your current location.

  • Your country of stay might enforce additional restrictions, accommodation services and catering establishments might close, seasonal work opportunities might disappear.

  • Make sure you comply with all the requirements for legal stay in the country (check whether you need a visa or an extension for a visa, residence permit, registration at the Immigration Office, etc.). Ask for information about the requirements from the Immigration Office, or the Estonian Embassy.

  • if you decide to return to Estonia, contact an Estonian travel agency.

Last updated: 07.05.2020 09:33

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First, contact your family and friends. If they cannot help you, you should contact your local government.

If you cannot find a solution, call +372 5301 9999, but please take into account that state support is only possible in cases of extreme emergency.

Last updated: 04.05.2020 13:58

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More information about the coronavirus and restrictions related to it is available calling 1247 (from abroad +372 600 1247).