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Waste management, recycling and processing waste

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In single family, detached homes it is simple – keep an eye on the waste sorting requirements and take the waste to the container. In apartment buildings it is more complicated, and the best thing to do would be to not go outside your apartment during isolating. However, if it seems that the collected waste is starting to become visibly and perceptibly problematic, ask for someone’s help in getting it to the container. This means that the waste must be sealed in a plastic bag and the bag placed outside the apartment door, while wearing disposable gloves. Someone, also wearing protective gear, will then take it away.

Last updated: 24.05.2020 16:48

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In that case, everything will work as it usually does and you can continue sorting waste. We would like to remind you that tissues should not be discarded among the paper waste. Usually tissues, including single use napkins and paper towels, should be discarded among the biodegradable waste.

  • Empty disinfectant bottles are packages and should be placed in the package bin.
  • Disposable rubber gloves that you might use, for example, when going to the shop, should be discarded among the mixed municipal waste, preferably in a closed plastic bag.
  • It is very important to wash hands with warm water and soap or use disinfectant. We would like to emphasise that you should do this also after touching the waste bin.

Last updated: 01.04.2020 13:43

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  • The waste collection point should avoid cash payments to avoid the spread of the virus and permit only card payments.

  • ID-cards can be used for identification only if it is possible to avoid contact with another person when handing the ID-card over (for example, the client can introduce the card to the card reader themselves). Other means of identification would involve checking the persons address.

  • The employees of the waste management point must be aware of potential risks and observe stricter hygiene requirements.

  • Do not touch the waste at the waste collection point, it might be contaminated. If possible, wait at least 72 hours before you start with waste treatment process to avoid infection.

  • At the waste collection point the work procedures and the use of space must be organised so it would allow sufficient distance between people, for example avoiding contact when queueing, etc.

  • At the waste collection point, use disinfectants regularly to clean the ID card reader, the card payment terminal, and other frequent use surfaces (doorknobs, handles, etc.).

  • If the waste collection point on the territory of the local government is closed, the local government will need to provide appropriate information to the residents. People might use this time to rid of their households of waste, therefore the local government should provide information to their residents whether the waste disposal is possible. It is recommended to avoid going to the waste collection points even if they are open until the virus is under control – this is safer both for the employees of the waste collection points and the residents.

  • When working at the waste disposal point it is very important to wash your hands with soap and warm water often or to use disinfectants.

Last updated: 21.05.2020 17:03

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  • An employer must ensure that their employees are aware of the possible dangers and guidelines for conduct during the current situation. All the usual requirements set out in law and in the environmental license still apply, including safety requirements for waste management.
  • Mixed municipal waste, which can contain waste generated by infected people, should not be handled before incineration or storage. Processing should only be automatised and people should not have contact with that type of waste.
  • Frequently used surfaces, such as door knobs and handles, devices, etc, should be disinfected regularly.
  • Employees must have the opportunity to wash hands frequently with warm water and soap or use disinfectants.

Last updated: 24.05.2020 16:46

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No. Burning waste in a bonfire or in a home stove or fireplace is forbidden as poisonous compounds hazardous to heath are released in the course of it.

Last updated: 02.04.2020 21:37

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