Incapacity benefit payments – sick days, care leave

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Sickness benefit:

In order to reduce the risk of people going to work when sick and the personal liability of employees, and thus limit the spread of COVID-19 disease, the procedure for compensating the sick leaves will chage until the end of 2021.

The employee co-pay covers the first day of illness, the employer covers the compensation from the second to the fifth day, and the Estonian Health Insurance Fund pays the compensation from the sixth day onwards.

The new procedure is valid for initial incapacity to work certificates. The procedure for the compensation for care leave certificates does not change.

  • No compensation is paid for the first day of sick leave.

  • For sickness days 2 to 5, compensation will be paid by the employer based on average salary.

  • From day 6, the sickness compensation will be paid by the Estonian Health Insurance Fund on the basis of the daily income of the employee. The calculation is based on the data on social tax calculated or paid in the calendar year preceding the date of the beginning of the sick leave, which is obtained from the Tax and Customs Board.

  • The information on which the calculation is based can be accessed from the state portal after the compensation has been received.

Read more about the sickness benefit (in Estonian).

Care allowance:

On the basis of the certificate for care leave, the Estonian Health Insurance Fund pays care allowance for the first

  • 14 sickness days to a parent whose child under the age of 12 or disabled child under the age of 19 is sick;
  • 7 sickness days to the carer of other family members.

The allowance is 80% of the average wage of the person who has been issued the certificate for care leave. Income tax is withheld from the benefit.

Different rules for paying care allowance apply in the case of severe illness such as tumours.

Read more about care allowance.

More information can be received from the Estonian Health Insurance Fund telephone (+372) 669 6630.

During the emergency situation, people were given the opportunity to apply for incapacity to work certificate on medical grounds or for care leave via the Patient Portal website. After the emergency situation was ended on May 18, the medical leave certificate can be only issued by the doctor, so if you are sick or are caring for a sick family member, you must contact your family doctor in order to obtain the sick leave or care leave.

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Doctors can issue the sick note (confirmation of incapacity to work) to people who have medical insurance through their employer. The doctor decides whether or not to issue such a certificate based on the state of the person’s health.

Based on the sick note the employer and the Health Insurance Fund will pay compensation for incapacity to work, aimed at partial compensation for loss of earnings while the person is sick.

The doctor fills in the electronic sick note specifying the period how long the person will be on sick leave, and sends it electronically to the Health Insurance Fund. The data sent by the doctor and information on compensation paid out can be found under the personal sickness compensation service in the state portal

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Care allowance is a temporary incapacity benefit. It is paid by the Health Insurance Fund to insured people, meaning an employee, a civil servant, person receiving a fee under a contract of obligations, a member of the management board or other managing body of a legal person, or a self-employed person or their spouse participating in their enterprise, who loses taxable income subject to social tax because they are caring for a sick child or family member.

Care allowance is granted to a person:

  • caring for a child under 12 or a person under 19 with disabilities for up to 14 consecutive days;
  • caring for a child under 12 for up to 60 consecutive days if the illness is caused by a malignant tumour and the child has started treatment in hospital;
  • caring for a member of their family at home for up to seven consecutive days;
  • caring for a child under three or a child under 16 with disabilities if the carer of the child is sick themselves or is on maternity leave. In these cases the care allowance may be for up to 10 consecutive days.

A doctor may also issue a certificate for care leave for longer period, but the care allowance is only paid for limited duration.

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